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Top peer reviewed scientific articles using HAP1 cell lines

Benefits of cell panel and functional genomic screens in drug discovery

Using CRISPR for target identification and target validation

Efficient breeding of rat and mouse models

Why you should use 3D models for high throughput screening

HAP1 Cell Lines - are they the right cell model for you?

You've done your CRISPR transfection... what's next?

Using Cell Lines for Antibody Validation – what you need to know to get started

Major study uses Horizon's HAP1 cell lines to screen thousands of BRCA1 mutations

How to... find your ideal cell line model

5 ways to validate and extend your research with Knockout Cell Lines

Patient derived xenograft (PDX) use in cancer research

Turning The Lights On Inside Your Genetic Toolbox

Our Top 5 CRISPR Publications from 2017

A human gene knockout model system enables genotypic effects on phenotype be examined in large screens

New cell line models for studies of DNA Damage Repair: Interview with Prof. Minoru Takata

Off-target editing with CRISPR/Cas9 : The evidence

What Are Essential Genes?

Forward, Genetics! New Tools in Functional Genomic Screening

CRISPR Knockout cell models are moving science forward

Gene Editing Targets Cancer Fusion Genes For The First Time

CRISPR technology raises standards for tracking protein expression

Probing DNA Damage Response Pathways

How to Cure Cancer in 3 Easy Steps

Spying on proteins - How observation can affect the perception of reality

Large scale gene tagging simplified by a self releasing plasmid

Endogenously tagged reporter cell lines to improve antibody validation

Patient Derived Xenografts:  The Crucial Piece for Curing Cancer

Scientific Reports: Increasing the performance of pooled CRISPR–Cas9 drop-out screening

Is there a better way to visualize proteins in cells?

Building complex human cell models for oncology research

2016 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to Autophagy Pioneer: Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi

Horizon G-Nomes ‘Stick Their Oar In’ at the Cambridge Dragon Boat Festival 2016

Dr Darrin Disley receiving a Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion

Patient in a petri dish: Finding the right cell line to evaluate specific gene function in disease research

Should I be worried about CRISPR off-target effects?

5 tips for guide RNA design

Optimization of CRISPR Delivery in Cultured Cells & Single Cell Embryos

Frequently Asked Questions For HAP1 Knockout Cell Lines

Frequently asked questions for X-MAN Cell Lines

How to bank cell lines - Our recommended protocol

[Protocol] Optimizing transfection for genome editing

[Protocol] Harvesting and analyzing clones following CRISPR gene editing

[Protocol] Expansion of cell line clones from single cells

Rapid identification of potential drug targets using endogenous reporter cell lines and siRNA screening

Developing Cellular Reporter Technologies Using Horizon's Cell Models

Planning a CRISPR gene editing experiment to maximize your chances of success

Using endogenous reporter cell lines in high-throughput screening

Identifying new synthetically lethal therapeutic targets

Improving Laboratory Automation Scheduling With Petri Nets

Improving Gene Editing Success with An Optimised Cell Line Screening Procedure

Enhancing the efficiency of knockins by DNA mismatch repair suppression and negative selection

Improved gene editing efficiencies using AAV and CRISPR combined

Is CRAF required for the maintenance of KRAS mutant non-small cell lung cancer?

Teaching With Isogenics: In Vitro Testing of the Stratified Medicine Approach used by the National Lung Matrix Trial

IDH1 Wild-type: A molecular target in IDH1 mutant cancers?

Investigating KRAS synthetic lethal/co-dependency interactions using siRNA and CRISPR

Modeling Patient Responses to Targeted Therapy with Gene Editing & Isogenic Cell Lines

Using panels of isogenic cell lines for predicting patient drug response

Getting started with CRISPR gene editing

Genome Editing In Cell Lines: Planning for Success

A Guide To CRISPR Screening

Seven must-read CRISPR screening papers

Neuron-Specific Cre Expressing Rat Lines for Optogenetics

A single cell dilution protocol for obtaining CRISPR targeted cell clones

5 tips for choosing the right cell line for your experiment

Optimizing sgRNAs - Six ways to validate guide RNA activity

Our 6 favorite CRISPR publications of 2015

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