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How to... find your ideal cell line model

Sep 3, 2018 10:04:50 AM No Comments

With over 25,000 individual Cell Lines in our new Express Catalog, we want to give you a helping hand with finding the ideal Cell Line Model for your research. 

Using our new downloadable catalog, you can now search, filter and browse through our online cell model offering. There are two main collections available in our catalog: 

  • Knockout Cell Models
  • Cancer-relevant Cell Lines

To help you find the right cell line for your research, here's some bite-size information on the data available to you... 

find-your-ideal-cell-line-model-1Start your search by filtering through: 

  • Genotype 
  • Gene ID 
  • Cell Background 
  • Gene Expression (for Knockout cell models) 

Gene ID - multiple clones 

You might see that some of our gene targets have multiple clones - i.e. more than one cell model with the gene target that you're looking for. So how do you choose? 

More information on each of these products is available on our website. Simply visit www.horizondiscovery.com and type your gene of interest into the search bar at the top of the page. You will then be directed to a suggestion of the best clone for you. 

Cell Background - Knockout Cell Models 

The quickest and easiest way to find our Knockout Cell Models is to filter by Cell Background and select HAP1

All our Knockout Cell Lines share a HAP1 wildtype cell line, which has been thoroughly characterized to enhance your research. 

Gene Expression - the significance of TPM 

For our Knockout collection, each cell model has a TPM value - Transcript Per Million - which is a representation of gene expression. Gene expression is commonly used as an indication for protein abundance. 

  • Gene targets with a TPM value greater than 3 are considered to be expressed 
  • Gene targets with a TPM value lower than 3 are considered not to be expressed

The wildtype HAP1 cell line has been analyzed by RNA-Seq, so you can better understand the gene expression profile of this cell background. 

Gene Expression - gene targets that are not expressed

Many gene targets are not constitutively expressed and require stimulation to be active. If you are doing an experiment that involves stimulation, these non-expressed genes are an ideal control and are available from our catalog. 

Essential Genes

Essential genes are considered to be absolutely required for the cell to grow, proliferate and survive. Deletion of an essential gene from a cell eventually leads to either cell death or a severe proliferation defect. Consequently, it is impossible to generate cells with a knockout or deletion of essential genes. 

The HAP1 cell lines has been thoroughly characterized, so we know which genes are considered essential. Read more about this study on our blog. 

HAP1 essential genes are not available on the catalog, but if you are looking into essential genes, our specialists may be able to help you with your research. Get in touch with the team to find out more. 

Other Cell Line Collections 

We do have other Cell Line collections available, including Reporter Cell Lines and our Tagged Organelle Collection. You can find out more about these collections on our website, but you will need to contact us if you wish to purchase (currently unavailable for online orders). 

Important things to know

  • Each cell line comes with its appropriate parental/wildtype cell line, for use as a control. So, a catalog number (product) includes 1 mutant and 1 wildtype as a package - there is no need to order the wildtype separately 
  • You can also see the catalog number, delivery time and a link to the product web page for each product in the Express catalog 
  • Prices and shipping information are on the website - just click the link to the product page for more information
  • The Express catalog is updated regularly, so make sure you bookmark the catalog download link to get the latest data
  • The ax series of cell lines are gene-edited stem cell-derived neuronal cell lines that we have developed. Contact us for more information 
  • If you can't find the gene target you're need for your project, our Custom Cell Line Engineering team may be able to help you. Here's some more information about this service

Download the Express Catalog


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