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Efficient breeding of rat and mouse models

Apr 11, 2019 6:42:52 PM No Comments


5 keys to success for colony management

  • Direct access to the actual colony managers working with your colony
  • Dedicated project manager communicating key updates and timelines
  • Colony Management Software tracking your colony progress
  • Industry experienced animal technicians, colony managers, and reproductive scientists
  • Sophisticated IVC caging, comprehensive health monitoring, AAALAC & OLAW accreditations

How can I find out what is really going on with my colony?

Important to have direct access to the colony managers and animal technicians that are handling your animals and directly managing your project. Instead of talking to a Scientist in a lab, colony managers are Animal Scientists who are directly involved and understand the goals of the breeding project enabling them to make quicker decisions that ultimately increase the efficiency and decrease the timeline of the project.

Is my breeding project on track?

It’s beneficial to have dedicated project managers, which bring flexibility to the table in tailoring an updated schedule that suits your needs. You should be able to choose reporting frequency. Prefer updates every day? Prefer updates only when key milestones are hit? In addition to the regularly scheduled updates project managers and colony managers should be accessible to you when you need them and in your preferred form of communication.

Can I trust the inventory data I am seeing?

You should be offered a personalized style of communication and customer service using innovative and custom designed colony management software that ensures inventory accuracy with proper data entry by technicians and quality control measures.

Are the technicians well experienced in colony management?

Animal technicians ideally should have many years’ experience specific to animal care, studies, and colony management. Ranging from Animal Technicians to Animal Scientists and Study Coordinators technicians should have combined experience in both academic and large pharma/biotech settings which leads to exceptional results for customers.

Is my colony being maintained with efficient equipment?

Is this currently taking place at a facility with the highest accreditation to deliver a colony that meets the required health status for importation? Utilize state-of-the-art individually ventilated cages (IVCs) maintaining a consistent and reliable cage and rack system for housing animals in our barrier specific pathogen free (SPF) facilities. All facilities should be AAALAC and OLAW accredited which is the highest accreditation possible. Innovative and comprehensive health monitoring should be conducted through both sentinel and direct colony monitoring programs for both SPF and immune-deficient colony maintenance.

Horizon answers all of the above questions

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