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Improving Laboratory Automation Scheduling With Petri Nets

Jun 10, 2016 2:07:20 PM No Comments

At Horizon Discovery we process tens of thousands of microtiter plates per year in support of our cell based screening operation and its library of thousands of commercially available and proprietary cell lines.

In this poster we highlight work done by our Technology Group to identify and deploy automation solutions when throughput is a priority and protocols are understood to a level at which automated solutions may be applied.

Automation, in its own right, has inherent advantages in processing laboratory experiments. Ultimately, utilizing a petri net scheduler has lowered the barrier to supporting increased production demand as well as handling workflow modifications in a predictable manner.

We believe that this solution enforces a cleaner separation of workflow and instrument operation with the benefit of fewer side effects, better fault isolation and smaller time to recovery.

Download the complete poster

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